Keeping everyone safe

We have made a few changes here at The Toad to ensure the safety of all of our customers and staff during the corona-virus pandemic, the safety of customers is paramount and very important to us so here is a little summary of the changes we have made.

Social distancing
The 2 metre rule applies when visiting us at The Toad, please respect others personal space by maintaining a social distance where possible. We also only allow one person in our toilets at one time.

We think it is very important to let you know that we take cleaning and sanitizing very serious here at The Toad, We have an hourly sanitizing rota for the whole building while sanitizing tables and chairs, card machine, phone and anything being handled between use of customers. We have sanitizing stations on entry and outside our toilets please ensure you use these as often as you like.

Table service
There is nothing new here as we have always served our customers at the table, we also do full table service outside so no need to get up, We are currently not doing any service from the bar. Drink orders, food orders and payments will all be done at your table.

Menus & ordering Food
Our Menus are single use and will be recycled after use. There has been some changes in kitchen staff levels due to social distancing, which in return means there could be a slightly longer wait on the food arriving at your table, so relax and enjoy being back at The Toad.

Face masks
As customers you required to wear a face mask on entry, they can be taken off once seated, for any reason you need to get up we ask for masks to be popped back on.