Sunday Lunch

Sunday 4th July 2021


Olives, breads and hummus £6

Salt & Pepper deep fried baby squid £7 (GF available)
with a sweet chilli mayonnaise

Sticky Korean BBQ Chicken Wings £7(GF  available)
Super crunchy deep fried chicken wings glazed in a Korean BBQ sauce made with Gochujang, ginger, lime and garlic garnished with black onion seeds and white sesame seeds fresh chillies and spring onions

Goats Cheese & Beetroot “Cheesecake” £7(GF available)
Goats cheese and diced beetroot on top of a toasted oat and walnut crumb served with caramelised red onion marmalade and a dressed salad

Soup of the day £6(GF available)
served with warm bloomer & butter

Garlic mushroom £7
in a creamy brandy sauce on served on focaccia with orange pesto a micro herb salad

Cauliflower Cheese croquettes £7
Golden deep fried balls of cauliflower cheese covered with grated parmesan and served with a smoked paprika cheese sauce.

Stir fried strips on rump steak £8/£15
pan fried in garlic, soy & sweet chilli sauce with mixed peppers and onions served with a timbale of rice


Salmon £15 (GF available)
pan fried salmon set on a bed of  crushed new potatoes topped with a with a lemon & dill cream sauce

King prawn & crab linguini £16
served with, cherry tomatoes, courgette in a light lemon & garlic butter cream sauce & squid ink crisp

Fish and Chips £14(GF available)
Golden beer battered 8oz cod loin served with triple cooked chips, minted pea puree our own chunky tartare sauce and a wedge of charred lemon.

Rump Steak £20(GF available)
10oz  Welsh Black Beef rump steak perfectly cooked to order, served with triple cooked chips, a garlic roasted mushroom, balsamic roasted vine tomatoes served with garlic butter.

Welsh Black Beef Brisket Burger £14(GF available)
Locally sourced 100% Welsh Black beef mince seasoned by us with salt, pepper and garlic powder, covered in melted cheddar served with crisp baby gem lettuce, a slice of tomato, our house made burger sauce on our handmade brioche burger buns, triple cooked chips and purple coleslaw. (Add 2 rashers smoked bacon for 1.50)

Butternut Squash and Chickpea Burger £13(GF available)
Our vegan friendly burgers are made with butternut squash, chickpeas, adzuki beans, pulses and seeds and spiced with ginger, coriander, cumin, chilli and cinnamon served on an vegan burger bun with a caramelised onion chutney, Halloumi, pesto dressed salad & seasoned skinny fries

Roasted Sirloin of Welsh black beef £15 (GF available)
Served with duck fat roasties, new potatoes, a giant Yorkshire pudding Seasonal vegetables & real gravy

Roast shoulder of welsh lamb £16 (GF available)
 served with duck fat roasties, new potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a red wine, rosemary & thyme gravy

Nut Roast £13
served with Roast & new potatoes, our giant Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables and a redcurrant & vegetable gravy

Fillet of Sea bass £17
Pan fried fillet of Sea bass on a lemon and fennel infused orzo with a spiced coconut & mussel cream sauce and shredded pea snaps

Kids Menu
(All served with skinny fries or triple cooked chips and peas)

Chicken Goujons £7(GF available)
Buttermilk marinated chicken breast strips in our own crispy coating.

Cheese Burger £7(GF available)
3oz welsh beef burger with melted cheese and crisp baby gem lettuce served on a kids sized burger bun and purple coleslaw.

Fish and Chips £7(GF available )
A kids sized golden, crispy beer battered cod loin.

Sandwiches (served 12-5pm) All served with skinny fries

Brie & caramelised onion open bloomer £10
served with salad garnish dressed with orange pesto

Fish Finger Sandwich £10(GF available)
Breaded cod Goujons served on toasted bloomer with minted pea puree, our own chunky tartare sauce and a dressed salad.

Steak Bloomer £10(GF available)
5oz Welsh rump steak cooked to order on the grill and served on a chunky toasted slice of bloomer bread with garlic and chive butter and topped with beer battered onion rings and a dressed salad

Beef & Horseradish sandwich £9
served on bloomer bread with a dressed salad garnish